Peaceseekers - ...In pursuit of free and quiet minds

           NEW HOPE CORNERS                                       all around Fife...

We are establishing regular meeting points around Fife to provide help and support for people experiencing stress, anxiety or depression.
This will provide opportunities to meet others who are experiencing similar things, and learn about what additional help there may be available on your quest for recovery and well being. 

April's Theme 

                  'Just for Today'


Friday 6th and 20th April       10.30 till 12.00 
Buckhaven Baptist Church Hall Cafe'

Fridays  6th and 20th April     10.30 till 12.00                   Civic Center Cafe

Monday 9th and 23rd April      2.00 till 4.00 
Contact for Details of Venue

Thursday 5th and 19th April    1.00 till 2.30 
Whytescauseway Baptist Church Cafe

Thursdays 12th and 26th April  1.00 till 2.30 
Rothes Halls Cafe'

St Andrews
Tuesdays 10th and 24th April   12 till 1.30 
Rectors Cafe', St Mary's Place

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