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                         PRAYER THE DIVINE MYSTERY

                                  Seeing what can't be seen.

Prayer is a puzzle. At least how it works exactly is a divine mystery, at any rate a mystery to me, but it is a marvelous one.

Someone once wrote, "Prayer is how men and women have contact with God. In prayer God stoops to kiss mankind, to bless him, to help him in everything that God can do and that man can need."

Prayer is the simplest act men and women can do!

                  "Thank you God for prayer.....                                  ..thank you for making it simple"

Years ago I tried to figure out how algebra worked.                 How come   a + d - y* = 0?

I was told I didn't need to know how, just do it and you will see the results.

I wasn't in the habit of praying, but I remember the first time I really prayed.

I was sitting on the edge of my bed in Frankfurt. I was  very ill.

I said to God, " I have no idea what is happening to me."

That was all.

That was probably the first time I had ever really prayed.


The first time I had ever really prayed.....

Energy came to me from nowhere. I got up and started doing housework.

Ten days later I had moved out and was back living in England.

Ten days after that I was introduced to a living relationship with God our Father through Jesus Christ.

My life was changed forever.


God is......

Invisible but near
Invisible but powerful.
Invisible but transforming.
Invisible but healing.

Talking to God about what is in your heart, what is going on in your life, what is happening with the people around you, listening to Him by reading the New Testament Bible, listening to your conscience, doing what you know to be right, that's prayer.

It is that simple.


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