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The Transforming Power of Prayer

To pray for someone is good, to pray with someone is a blessing, to teach someone to pray is a greater blessing.
Praying together with people from mixed Christian backgrounds and with people with a variety of levels of vulnerability and needs is quite a challenge.

Christians  who come to help and looking for help, range from the Super Charismatic to the High Traditional  to the Mystic and Monastic, to those strong in faith and those with none or very little

People in the groups  can vary from being very vulnerable, fearful or desperate and therefore ready to trust anything we do or say. 

This is quite a privilege and a responsibility for us all.

So how do we suggest we pray in the groups without offending each others traditions and freedoms; and how do we safeguard and still bless those entrusted to our care wanting help and  prayer.

I see a picture of Jesus kneeling,
 hands  flat together, 
pointing upwards to God the Father.

Kneeling denotes our humbling of ourselves and  demonstrates our willingness to make ourselves vulnerable.

Hands together signals we have  stopped trying to 'fix' ourselves, we have come to the end of ourselves, we recognize
our helplessness.

Hands pointing upwards is our looking to God, giving over to Him our needs, trusting Him to answer however He pleases.

So how do we pray?
  • Bring the need or the person to Jesus
  • Tell Jesus the need
  • Give Him Permission to do whatever He wants 
  • Let it go and Trust Him
  • Look and see what happens next.
  • Thank Him when we recognize answers to prayer

Prayer is not  us telling Jesus what to do and getting that right, but about opening the door of our heart and lives and  letting Jesus do what he wants, to bless, heal and transform us.

General Prayers in Group Time

We ask Jesus to help us know how to pray appropriately.

We invite the Holy Spirit to come and trust that he will, in Jesus Name. 

Shouting, casting out, binding or rebuking Satan has no place in our praying in public groups.

Openness, gentleness,  love, sensitivity and respect for the person and to the Holy Spirit are the primary qualities to model in prayer

We give time and take our time, praying slow unhurried prayers. That might mean praying for ten minutes and if we see God doing something we might pray for even longer.

We encourage each other to expect Jesus to come to us in some way. This is very effective and empowering  and safe.

Jesus is wonderful 
 never gets it wrong.

The Lord is my Shepherd. I shall not  be in want,
He makes me lie down in green pastures
 He leads me beside quiet waters
He restores my soul
He guides me in paths of righteousness,
  for His  names sake.


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