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You are Special
He Loved Me
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Taking Personal Responsibility.
‘Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamour and slander be put away from you along with all malice...’ Ephesians 4:29 – 32
From God’s perspective anger is part of our human nature. In our new life with Christ we are instructed to put away  unrighteous anger from us, and to not sin in our anger.. in other words to learn how to live a life without anger. By living in the power of the Holy Spirit which he has give us in Christ, our new life will bear the characteristics of ’the fruits of the Spirit’ expressing only anger in righteousness.


Science, Reason, Medicine and Psychiatry agree that Spirituality or ‘having a religious or spiritual life’ is beneficial for our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Deep, healthy spirituality can help expedite and complete the healing processes of our body, mind and spirit.
Yes, some will point to the dark side of religion, to those who have been       destructive and cruel  in the name of religion, through their own false, fanatical and misguided understanding of God’s perfect and loving ways.

You are Special

Many of us dislike ourselves and are continually putting ourselves down.
We beat ourselves up for our faults or we negatively compare ourselves and our circumstances with everyone else. As a result we can become filled with depression or insecurity- making us over-sensitive and difficult to live with. Sometimes we feel suicidal.
Maybe life has dealt us a severe blow, we have lost a job, or lost a loved one unexpectantly or maybe we are experiencing significant health problems.
It can be that we have been mistreated by people and have been seriously hurt.

He Loved Me

He Loved Me, 
And Gave His Life For Me.

THE GREATEST LOVE OF ALL.     Do you feel as if no one really cares about you, not the way you want them to?  

Do you want to be loved  - just for who you are?  
Is it possible that you can experience true and everlasting love?   

Could someone love - someone like you - even if  you  don't love yourself anymore.   

There is only one person in the whole world who loves you with  a pure, unconditional and everlasting love!

Why Peaceseekers

    Why Peaceseekers ?
To experience stress, anxiety, or depression or even more traumatic Mental Illness is  a devastating  thing . It can happen to anyone. 
In my late twenties I experienced a  severe nervous breakdown. My life changed dramatically. Family and friends didn’t understand what had happened. They found it difficult to cope. I didn’t help things much. I didn’t know what to do , and I was too pig headed to get help. I was afraid someone would lock me up in an institution and throw away the key.
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